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The unusual photographic seris Wine woman and Wineman were created directly on site of the Dvoudecka wine shop. This photo series is the intersection of an erotic fantasy world and a wine party where nudity is completely natural.


Just one wine, 100x70 cm, c - print, pine wood, glass antireflex Matobel (620 €)

The creation of this series gave us that momentary freedom and pure joy of the sheer lightness of being. That moment was also supported by excellent wine. Especially in that year 2020,

the year of regulations and restrictions photoshooting became more an accompaniment program during the unforgettable free fantasy day full of beautiful naked bodies.

in vino veritas web.jpg

IN VINO VERITAS, 100x70 cm, c - print, pine wood, glass antireflex Matobel (620 )

Now a days can be hardly described as prudish despite that fact I feel a great respect of nudity from a wide range of audiences. It's mainly thanks to fashion trends which emphasis on the cult of the perfect body. That’s why I offer an unembarrassed view of the naked female and male body in group staging. Through it all the beauty of the body remains the main theme.

Last drink with Winewoman, 70x150 cm, c - print, pine wood, glass antireflex Matobel (740 )

With whom would you to have your last wine

with the Winewoman or the Wineman?

Last drink with Wineman, 70x150 cm, c - print, pine wood, glass antireflex Matobel (740 )

I am not trying to aestheticize the actors on the first instance

but I balancing on the edge of the physical corporeality.

I depersonalize the actors in the photographs and work with them as a bodily material and a carrier of social and cultural meanings.

Jungledecka web.jpg

Jine jungle, 70x105 cm, c - print, pine wood, glass antireflex Matobel (620 )

A seance where the subject enters to the dynamic atmosphere permeating the whole process full of eroticism and sensuality. The actors don't always know each other but as soon as they arrive the introductions begin with friendly chatter with wine

in hand and reality slowly ends in a dump. In that inconspicuous moment slowly creep in that fantasy world with full of surreal ideas.

vinnémučení web.jpg

Torture by wine, 70x100 cm, c - print, pine wood, glass antireflex Matobel (620 )

I've learned never to say never. This time I broke my rule

and invited one brave man to join the twelve fearless women.

I was afraid of upsetting the fragile feminine world by this man but this Mars fit right between those beautiful Venuses.

Once again the theme of the nude was confirmed to me as a life theme and there is still room to evolve.

ViniFikátor web.jpg

ViniFicator, 70x150 cm, c - print, pine wood, glass antireflex Matobel (740 )

Datail ViniFikátor web.jpg

ViniFicator detail, 70x100 cm, c - print, pine wood, glass antireflex Matobel (620 )

I prepare for the shoot and use the principles of theatre.

I am increasingly combining the photographic world

with scenography to create a unique and unrepeatable scenes. And when my imagination starts to became a reality  so that actors are an incredible inspiration for me to create the next scene. And I appreciate immensely of the fragile bond that

is created between me and the actors through those unforgettable nude seances.

Dopiju a jdu web.jpg

"Last drink!", 100 x 150 cm, c - print, pine wood, glass antireflex Matobel (900 )

Thank you all for another unforgettable naked party full of laughter and self-discovery.

Vinné ženy.jpg

Wine woman, 100x70 cm, c - print, pine wood, glass antireflex Matobel (620 )

Thanks to Vinoteca Dvoudecka for lending us the space and especially for the excellent wine which was a great fuel for the great wine party.)

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